This much I know about…the impact of poverty-inducing cuts upon our children’s education

…and when people are trapped in poverty with no hope, they are easy prey for terrorist organisations to recruit…so what ate the schools doing to help? “More drills and discipline” is the answer according to Nick Gibb. So yet another 19th century solution to 21 st century problems. Wake up educationalists and smell the coffee…the future is here and its not pretty ! So more maths and english on the curriculum is really going to help them to face the problems we are creating on a daily basis. Yes I am angry angry angry. Our education system is letting down millions of young people on a daily basis…giving them no hope! We are truly “reaping the wind of change!”


I have been a teacher for 27 years, a Headteacher for 12 years and, at the age of 51, this much I know about the impact of poverty-inducing cuts upon our children’s education.

You’d expect the Guardian to knock on about the working poor (last December it even published my letter on the subject). But when the Daily Telegraph includes a feature by Maria Roberts entitled, Working poor: What it’s like when you have a job– but can’t pay the bills you know we have a problem.

York is a city which exemplifies the country’s growing inequality. Four out of five households in York have an average household income above the national median figure whilst the other 20% of households drop off the proverbial cliff and are significantly below the poverty line. The City launched a Stamp Out Poverty campaign in 2012, but that has lost momentum…

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