The disaster of national primary assessment



…and the dismantling of the teaching profession….

This is now becoming a real pattern. This government and indeed the past three governments since 1997 have never respected the professionalism of teachers and teaching. This govt. is now following the USA in attempting to reduce the teaching profession to one which is as cheap as possible to run. It is based on a model of systematised curriculum content which is imposed on all and cheap to deliver.

Initial training reduced to a minimum to demonstrate how to deliver the programmes not to engage in how pupils learn, because we all know they learn by being told and disciplined!

No ongoing professional development because we all know it is an expensive waste of time.

No collaborating with other schools because that doesn’t work and it is about competition anyway.
We are failing millions of children and have been doing ever since the National Curriculum came in, despite evidence from ever narrowing assessments of the wrong things!

So what is the answer?

Ah yes! buy private education because we only want wealthy upper middle class children fully educated (if needed at all) to run the country and to engage in media and entertainment, arts etc. The rest we want to be ignorant and just be manipulated to vote for the rich to run the country for themselves and so it continues!   …….?


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