Down the drain…

A poem from my partner which sums up our feelings right now:

Down the drain
We longed for this season

All through winter and spring

We dreamt of the sunshine

That summer would bring

Instead we are drowning 

In downpours of rain

And mourn as our summer

Is washed down the drain

The raindrops keep falling

All mixed up with hail

Our skin’s full of goosebumps 

And looks sickly pale

We expected a real tan

And skies that are clear

Not one from a spray can

At this time of year

The water keeps tipping

Each day from the sky

Umbrellas are dripping

And spokes poke your eye

Our clothes are all soggy

It’s hard to keep dry

The gardens are boggy

We just want to cry

The BBQ’s rusting

In the wet and the grey

The wind keeps on gusting

Blowing summer away

Clouds empty their bowels

On us down below

With weather so foul

Our spirits are low

We had dreams of summer

Balmy evenings and Pimms

But the rain is a bummer

In a season of whims

Flash floods, swollen rivers

Follow storm after storm 

It gives us the shivers

Is this the new norm?

We hear of the Gulf Stream

So wayward, gone ‘silly’

El Niño, global warming

All make us feel chilly

The icebergs are melting

We are playing with fire

There’s world-wide pollution

We’ve sparked Gaia’s ire

We wade through the puddles

Wearing macs and our wellies

Then down some hot chocolate

To warm our bellies

While a man who befuddles

Shouts, “Let’s take control!”

Now BoJo leads Brexit

Like a self-serving troll

It signals the exit

Of the world we once knew

The climate is changing

It’s providing a clue

The globe is deranging

What the fuck do we do?


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