Funland- part one.

In 1969 Roger McGough wrote a poem called Funland. It was published in a small book of poems entitled ‘Watch Words’. After what has happened in this country this summer?, I think some of the words may apply. Here is the last verse:

There is a place called Funland

To the north of Germany

And many many years ago

They say it used to be 

A country called England

And that apparently

The sad-eyed clowns who work there

Once had all been free.

I guess it was written about very different times, just after a summer known as the ‘summer of love’! Hardly applies to this summer,  as we see a rise in incidents of hate across our land and, indeed across the world, too! So what has happened? I am sure the seeds of this malaise were sown some time ago, when we stopped being a society. Sometime around that period when the last woman became our PM, amazingly with the same initials as our present incumbent: MT, now we have TM. 

Well I wonder what has happened in between those two times, between then and now. The rich have certainly done well, extremely well. The middle class have kidded themselves that they too have done quite well but that is only because both partners  are now working 24/7 to keep up a certain lifestyle which gives them access to all that luxury they always craved…holidays in exotic places and new cars every three or so years, not to mention new furniture, new house, new everything. Why? Because the media, which invades all our lives, even if we try to avoid it, tells us that’s the way to live. ‘TINA’ MT said that, too:  ‘there is no alternative’…  We now live in a world where the very rich are lauded before us like gods. Where knights of the realm, knighted by our ‘glorious majesty’, can openly rob pension funds and feel totally entitled to taking hundreds of millions from their pension contributors to buy a third luxury yacht. What is more they can and do get away scott free and who pays? the rest of us. ‘ Thank you’is not even thought about. The rich view the ‘rest of us’ as scum to be exploited at every turn to make them richer and richer and richer. 

‘Greed is good’ quoted our new Foreign Secretary when he was mayor of London. Well it sure is for some! 

So what now? The destruction which has happened to our communities in this country, communities which used to stand for something has meant that people feel disempowered and angry. Angry is the new disposition of the masses. Think about it! We now accept road rage and abuse of anyone who does something which upsets us  as normal and we feel justified in getting angry at the ‘drop of a hat’…Why? When did that become the default way to be? When did getting along with people, any people, become obsolete? Now we stick to those we like. Those who look like us and think like us. Difference is abhorrent! Why?

It is because this way of life just isn’t working for us. Survey after survey proves that the wealthier we get in financial terms, the unhappier we are. Obviously this excludes the very wealthy who feel justified in shitting on all of us and are, no doubt, the happiest they have ever been! 

So what next? We now blame the latest scapegoats, ‘immigrants’ or ‘refugees’ or indeed anyone who we can find to blame. Paradoxically no blame, which sticks,  is apportioned to those who are really to blame, the rich establishment. Why is that? Because, basically we are subserviant and have learned to be so from an early age. Did Brexit, the vote to leave the EU, really stand for anything other than frustration at the system. Did those who voted Leave, really believe that things would be better once we said fuck off to the EU, once we could isolate ourselves from those terrorist filled countries across the Chanel? I don’t think many truly believed anything other than a vote which said ‘Fuck all of you, who have done this to me!’ It was a vehicle to legally express frustration and anger. I am sure there were a few people, mostly quite well off, who genuinely wanted to fuck EU bureaucracy and ‘get their country back’. What country they believed they were getting back, I am not sure,  but they are deluded if they think we can return to former glory days, which only ever existed for a few anyway.

Welcome to Funland….

(To be continued…….)


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