NHS march London March 4th 2017

Feeling very guilty that I am NOT on the march today. The date has been in my diary for some time now. I can’t say I was looking forward to it, as these marches are quite a chore: standing around for hours then missing any speeches as you arrive too late at the finish. One does feel a sense of duty, however and a certain warmth as you are mostly surrounded by like minded souls in aid of a worthy cause.

This one is serious! This government is intent on starving our greatest national asset of millions if not billions and selling off bits and pieces to private companies. We are being ‘softened up’ by the media for charges to be levied on our visits to see a GP and who knows what else. I forsee free prescriptions being withdrawn from pensioners pretty soon. You may feel that is no bad thing as we, pensioners, are rich and have huge houses preventing the deserving younger generation of buying our palaces! Anyway that will soon be a thing of the past too. This government’s policies will soon kill off most of us a sort of government backed euthenasia! Exaggeration? Maybe but just wait and see! This government is supporting companies who refuse to employ people as employees and merely put them on so called ‘zero hours’ contracts which prevents them having to pay on costs such as national health insurance, which is starving the NHS of funds too! Mrs May’s plan to encourage companies to lodge in the UK after we have left the EU by reducing their taxes will further add to the deminution of funds for welfare including the NHS. The slogan,”The NHS is safe in Tory hands” is a lie, fake news, bullshit even!

So why am I not marching? Too lazy, got up late, it might rain, honestly yes all of those but mostly I am struggling to walk too far as I suffer from gout and am suffering with an acute attack just now. This means my left foot is painful and feels like it is on fire. The tablets from the NHS have helped to keep the pain within tolerable limits, a 3 on the richter scale of pain,  but walking long distances or standing for hours is out! So I congratulate all those on the march today and hope it will be widely reported in the media and ensure we keep this hugely valuable asset healthy and well funded. I am not hopeful about any of these things but optimism never killed anyone, yet?

Please if you have read this far, maybe one or two have, donate to those causes who are fighting on all our behalves to keep the NHS in the forefront of our consciousness. It is being slowly dismantled before our very eyes and one day we may well look up and find it gone and we will have to take out a second or third mortgage to pay for any treatment. It may well happen sooner than we think!


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